A Touraine Sauvignon is Excellent with Barbecued Prawn Kebabs

2015-08-01 18.14.13We cooked a slightly modified version of Supercook’s Scampi Kebabs recipe.  We used Waitrose raw peeled king prawns marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and black pepper.

The prawns were then barbecued on skewers with green peppers, mushrooms, sage leaves and pieces of lemon.  The prawns were basted with the marinade while cooking and we served with saffron rice and an avocado and leaf salad.  Delicious.

We opened a bottle of Touraine Sauvignon Blanc “Les Hauts Lieux”, Bougrier 2013, a French white from the Wine Society.  We previously enjoyed this wine with barbecued salmon with dill.

We tasted lemon, tropical fruits and a fresh, clean finish.  Pairing with these superb barbecued prawn kebabs really brought out the best in this wine.

An Australian Red Blend is Very Good with Beef “Ribbon” Kebabs

We cooked Beef “Ribbon” Kebabs (Pasanda Kabab) from Madhur Jaffrey.

Steak is cut into thin strips or pasanda, threaded on skewers and barbecued.  For simplicity we just cubed some good quality rump steak. but first we marinated it in a blended mixture of browned onions, chopped onions, yoghurt, lemon juice, mustard oil, almonds, ginger, garlic, salt, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, mace and coriander.

The marinated steak was then grilled on skewers on the barbecue.

We served the meat with grilled zucchini with cumin and pulao rice.

We paired the kebabs with a bottle of Felix Swan Hill Victoria Shiraz-Sagrantino 2013, an Australian red from the Wine Society.2015-07-18 14.45.59

We detected black fruits on the nose and this followed through to the palate.  There was a slight sweetness, flavours of black cherries and a full-flavoured spicy finish.  A very good match with the beef kebabs.

A French Sauvignon is Good with Barbecued Salmon with Dill and Lemon

2015-06-26 17.55.09We tried Grilled Salmon with Dill and Lemon from bbq.about.com  The salmon is marinated in lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic, oil and dill and then barbecued.  We served the salmon with baked potato wedges, mushrooms and tomatoes.

To go with the salmon we decided on a bottle of Touraine Sauvignon Blanc “Les Hauts Lieux”, Bougrier 2013, a French white from the Wine Society.

We thought the nose was slightly grassy and the taste was fresh and lemony with some tropical fruits.  The finish was crisp.  A good match with the barbecued salmon.

An Argentinian Malbec is Very Good with Barbecued Sirloin Steak Marchand de Vin

One of our favourite recipes is Bifteck Marchand de Vin, which is beef stew cooked in a red wine sauce.  (See here for a wine pairing with this dish.)  We found a recipe on the Barbecue Bible website called Hanger Steak Marchand de Vin that we thought we might enjoy.

We barbecued sirloin steak instead of hanger.  The Marchand de Vin sauce contains red wine, bacon, shallots, garlic, mushroom, beef stock, parsley, salt and pepper.  We served the steak with sauté potatoes and mushrooms.2015-06-21 14.31.27

We opened a bottle of Mauricio Lorca Angel’s Reserve Malbec 2013, a full-bodied Argentinian red from Naked Wines.  We detected sweet black fruits on the nose and this sweetness followed through on the palate with blackcurrant flavours and a generally smooth finish, with some acidity.  A very good match with the steak.

A Portuguese Red is Very Good with Barbecued Lamb Chops

2015-06-18 15.51.18We have been making good use of recipes from the Barbecue Bible website lately.  We marinated some lamb chops in Steven Raichlen’s “only marinade you’ll ever need“.  It contains lemon juice, hot pepper flakes, black pepper, salt, lemon zest, garlic, fresh parsley, mixed herbs (we used coriander and basil) and olive oil. Very Mediterranean.

We barbecued the chops and served them with Delia’s Anya Potato Salad, with less salt than recommended and Caesar Salad, also from Barbecue Bible.

We paired the meal with a bottle of Aluado Alicante Bouschet 2011, a medium-bodied Portuguese red from the Sunday Times Wine Club.

We detected mixed berry fruits on the nose and sweetness, spiciness and black fruits, especially cherries on the palate.  Lovely acidity.  A versatile food wine and a very good match with the barbecued lamb.

A Californian Red Blend is Good with Barbecued Jerk Pork

2015-06-11 18.04.04We visited Jamaica a few months ago and brought back with us some Island Spice Jerk Pork rub. The rub contains corn starch, crushed pepper, Jamaican pimento, garlic, onion, breadcrumbs, black pepper, salt, sugar, cumin and Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper.

We coated some pork chops in the rub, grilled them on the barbecue and served them with a mixed green salad.

We thought the pork was reasonably tasty, but didn’t think it was especially hot as indicated on the packet.

We paired the food with a bottle of Fetzer Crimson 2010, a medium-bodied Californian red blend from Tesco made from Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Durif and Petit Verdot.  An enjoyable, easy drinking wine that delivered mixed red and black fruits, with a warm spiciness.  It was a good match with the pork.

A South African White Blend is Good with Barbecued Chilli Chicken

I have recently rediscovered Steven Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible website and there’s a good selection of interesting recipes on there. We decided to do a barbie at short notice to take advantage of a rare sunny day in a dreadful English May. We decided on Green Chile (Chilli) Chicken Under Bricks. Chicken breasts are marinated in a mixture of salt, black peppercorns, cumin, garlic, green chilli (we only had red ones), chopped cilantro (coriander), lime juice and olive oil.  We didn’t use the bricks as recommended in the recipe, but the chicken was deliciously succulent.

We served the chicken with Delia’s Anya Potato Salad with Shallots and Vinaigrette and mixed leaves with a vinaigrette dressing.  An excellent al fresco meal.2015-05-30 14.51.42

We paired the meal with a bottle of Lion’s Gate Sauvignon blanc Semillon 2014, a South African white from Tesco.

The nose was grassy and the palate started slightly sweet, followed by tropical fruit flavours, with a drier finish.  The wine was a good match with the barbecued chilli chicken.

Which Wines to Drink with Ostrich and Crocodile Burgers?

Iceland has started selling a range of exotic meats and we thought we’d try some burgers out on the barbecue.  We served them with potato salad and green leaves.

Ostrich Burgers

These have a fairly beefy flavour, but they are leaner and have a dry texture. We didn’t think they were particularly distinctive.

We paired the ostrich burgers with Lascar Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, a Chilean red from the Wine Society.

We tasted black berry fruits and some spiciness.  This was a good barbecue wine, but it was only an adequate match with the ostrich.2015-04-15 17.05.14 HDR

Crocodile Burgers

A much lighter-coloured meat.  Moist, slightly salty with a distinctive unique flavour.  These were much better and we would buy them again.

These burgers needed a white wine and we opened a bottle of Brancott Marlborough Chardonnay 2013, a New Zealand white from Costco.

The wine was lean, with creamy apple and lemon flavours and was a good match with the crocodile burgers.2015-04-15 17.48.31

We plan to try the kangaroo burgers and wild boar sausages next.

An Argentinian Malbec is Good with Barbecued Mustard and Rosemary Pork Chops

2015-04-10 14.43.52This was the first opportunity to use our new Weber barbecue.  We had some boneless pork loin chops to cook and found a Mustard and Rosemary Pork Chops recipe on the BBC Good Food website.

The pork is marinated in German or French mustard (we used French), olive oil, garlic, rosemary leaves, vinegar and black pepper.  The chops are basted with the marinade during barbecuing.

The barbecue cooked the chops well and we served them with a jacket potato and Mozzarella and Tomato Salad.

Malbecs are great with grilled steak and other barbecued meats. The Wine Society suggest that their Argentine Malbec 2012 is good with pork loin, so we opened a bottle.

This medium-weight wine had aromas of red fruits and tasted of brambly red fruits, with an underlying spiciness, which had an affinity with the mustard. A good match.

An Australian Riesling Struggles a Bit with Chinese-Style Pork Ribs

2014-08-03 18.54.01 HDR2014-08-03 18.50.08For a barbecue we decided to try Five-Spice Rib-Stickers from the Great Big Barbecue Cookbook.

The pork spare ribs are marinated in 5-spice powder, garlic. ginger, chilli sauce, dark soy sauce, dark brown sugar and sunflower oil.  We grilled the ribs on the barbie and served them with blackbean and roasted garlic stir-fried egg noodles.

To pair with the meal we opened a bottle of Blind Spot Clare Valley Riesling 2012, an Australian white from the Wine Society.

The wine was slightly off-dry and we found it citrussy with pronounced lemon and lime flavours.  Whilst this was a reasonable match with the ribs, the sweetness in the coating needed a slightly sweeter wine to cope with it.