The idea for this website came about from my fascination with trying to find good wine and food matches.  I first started drinking wine in the 70s and this was mainly confined to German whites, stemming from a couple of trips to Germany.  However, my interest in trying different wines started in earnest in the 80s while watching BBC’s Food and Drink programme.  I remember Oz Clarke and Jilly Goolden encouraging us to buy various wines and join them in tasting them.  This coincided with a huge increase in interest in wine among the general populace and a massive expansion of choice on supermarket shelves and in wine merchants.

I started to find that certain wine and food combinations really worked well and especially enhanced the flavours in the wine.  By contrast I also discovered some awful clashes that totally ruined the enjoyment of the wine.  Over the years I have looked for recommendations from wine and food experts to try and find the best matches.  Along the way I have acquired a reasonable knowledge of what works and what to avoid.  However, the great thing about food and wine matching, and this can be extended to matching with other drinks, is that it is a continual learning process.  It is also very enjoyable, especially when I discover a new match that works well.

The Web has greatly expanded the availability of wine and food matching advice but searching for pairings can still be challenging and frustrating.  This is why I felt there was a gap for such a website, particularly in the UK.  My thoughts on wine and food matching websites and recommended sites will be coming soon.