An Australian Red Blend is Very Good with Chilli con Carne

2015-09-15 18.25.44A number of my previous posts have covered wine pairings with various versions of Chilli con Carne.  I wasn’t intending to post any further Chilli pairings, but couldn’t resist this one.

The recipe is from Justine Pattison’s Without the Calories Comfort Food cookbook and uses cubed stewing steak, onions, garlic, hot chilli powder, smoked paprika, beef stock, chopped tomatoes, cumin, coriander, flour, sugar, oregano, red kidney beans, lime juice and seasoning.  We threw in a red chilli to heat it up a little more and served with rice.

We paired the chilli with a bottle of Dirty Red 2013, an Australian red blend from the Sunday Times Wine Club.

We detected black fruits on the nose and a powerful black cherry sweetness on the palate with a dark chocolate finish.  One of the best pairings we have enjoyed with a Chilli con Carne.

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