A White Rioja is Very Good with Caribbean Peanut Chicken

We found an interesting recipe in Best Chicken Recipes called Caribbean Peanut Chicken.

Chicken thighs are cut into strips, marinated in oil, garlic, thyme, curry powder and lemon juice.  The chicken is then cooked together with rice, onions, tomatoes, chilli, peanut butter and lemon juice.  The dish is garnished with parsley.  A very tasty recipe.

We thought a wine with some sweetness would be needed, so we opened a bottle of Navajas Crianza Rioja 2010, an off-dry oaked Spanish white from the Wine Society. (See here for a previous pairing with this wine).

We tasted sweetness with creamy tropical fruit flavours and a tanginess on the finish.  The affinity with the food improved through the meal and we thought the wine was a very good match.2015-05-04 18.18.11

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