A White Burgundy is Very Good with Morbiflette

We’re currently watching the BBC series A Cook Abroad and in the episode where Monica Galetti visits Franche-Comté we were inspired to cook Morbiflette.  We found a recipe on the InterFrance website.

Onions, bacon, boiled potatoes, white wine and seasoning are fried together.  The mixture is transferred to an ovenproof dish, slices of Morbier cheese are placed on top and the dish is baked in the oven until the cheese melts.2015-03-04 17.10.03

The Morbier cheese imparts a unique flavour to the dish.  We served it with a green salad.

Interfrance recommend a light Côtes du Jura Chardonnay to go with Morbiflette.  We didn’t have one, so we opened a bottle of Macon-Lugny, Les Coteaux des Anges 2013, a white Burgundy from Costco.

We detected peaches on the nose, a hint of apples on the palate, followed by lemons, a note of orange and a little butteriness. The wine was a very good match.2015-03-04 17.13.06

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