A Loire White is Very Good with Devilled Chicken

We cooked Devilled Chicken, a Supercook recipe that we hadn’t done for a long time.

A whole chicken is simmered in a stock made from water, carrots, celery, bouquet garni, peppercorns and salt. The chicken is then cut into serving pieces and grilled.  A sauce is poured over at the end made from Worcestershire sauce, tarragon vinegar, shallots, lemon juice, garlic, chicken stock, chopped canned tomatoes, black pepper, salt and bay leaf. 2015-01-30 19.02.30 We served with mashed potato and green beans.

The sweetness in the sauce called for a wine with some sweetness to match.  We tried a bottle of Clos de Nouys Vouvray 2012, a medium-dry French white from Waitrose.

We tasted pineapple sweetness, peaches and apricots and we found this a very good match with the chicken.  A drier wine would not have worked.

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