A Californian Chardonnay is Good with a Pork Stroganoff

We fancied doing Pork Stroganoff and found three recipes we liked online.  We cooked Mary Berry’s Pork Fillet Stroganoff from BBC Food and intend to try the other two recipes in future.

Strips of pork fillet are cooked with onion, paprika, mushrooms, soured cream, lemon juice and garnished with parsley.  We served the pork with mashed potato and green salad.  We thought this was a fairly mildly-flavoured Stroganoff, but pleasant.2014-12-19 18.16.00

We tried a bottle of The Gooseberry Bush Colombard/Sauvignon 2013 from the Sunday Times Wine Club (previous food pairings here and here). This didn’t work at all, so we switched to a bottle of Peltier Ranch Lodi Chardonnay 2012, a Californian white from the Wine Society.

This wine is subtly-oaked and we tasted creamy pineapple and other tropical fruit flavours.  The wine did not overwhelm the light flavours of the meal and was a good match.2014-12-19 18.22.30

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