An Alsace Gewürztraminer is Very Good with Pollo alla Cacciatora

We cooked the Supercook version of Pollo alla Cacciatora (Hunter’s Chicken).  This is a less intensely-flavoured version than Jamie Oliver’s. (See here for wine pairings with that recipe).

Chicken pieces are casseroled with garlic, spring onions, mushrooms, white wine, chicken stock, tomatoes and bay leaf.  The dish is garnished with fresh parsley and we accompanied it with croquette potatoes.2014-12-03 17.29.57

Gewürztraminer is considered by some to be a very good match with Chicken Chasseur, which is the French equivalent to this dish, so we opened a bottle of Gisselbrecht Gewürztraminer 2012, an Alsace white from Costco.

The wine was deep gold in the glass and the flavours were rich, fruity with notes of lychees, nectarines, apricots and a creamy sweetness. A very good match with the chicken.

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