A Red Bordeaux Matches Well with French Braised Beef

We cooked an old favourite of ours from Supercook – Estouffade de Boeuf (Braised Beef).

Cubed beef is braised in a sauce containing bacon, onions, carrots, garlic, bay leaf, thyme, red wine, beef stock and bouquet garni.  Mushrooms are added towards the end of the cooking.

We served this tasty dish with mashed potatoes.2014-11-30 18.06.40

We opened a bottle of Chateau Grand Jean Bordeaux 2009, a medium-bodied, Merlot-based French red from the Sunday Times Wine Club.

We tasted red fruits, especially raspberries, but also blackcurrants.  The tannins had softened, but there was still a pleasant spicy bite on the finish.

The wine was a good pairing with the food.

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