An Italian White Blend is Good with Fish Grilled with Cheese

For a midweek meal we tried Fish Grilled with Cheese from Supercook.

Cod loin pieces are grilled and then topped with a mixture of onion, cheddar cheese, English mustard, tomato ketchup, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.

The fish is then put back under the grill until the mixture is bubbling and brown.2014-11-05 20.30.00

We thought the topping had a nice savoury and spicy kick to it.

We opened a bottle of Rocca Colmontano 2011, an Italian white from Sunday Times Wine Club. The wine is a blend of Trebbiano with a little Verdicchio.

The first thing we noticed was the deep gold colour of the wine in the glass.  We tasted slightly sweet honey and then tropical fruits, especially pineapple.  There was creaminess on the finish.

We thought the wine’s affinity with the food improved as the meal progressed. A good match.

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