A Greek Cabernet is Very Good with a Piquant Meat Loaf

For a midweek meal we tried Piquant Meat Loaf from Supercook.

Milk and breadcrumbs are combined with minced pork, minced beef, onion, canned pimientos, French mustard, basil, cayenne pepper, paprika eggs and seasoning. The mixture is placed in a baking tin with some boiling water and baked in the oven.

For our recipe we used some roasted red peppers from a jar because we were unable to buy any pimientos locally.  2014-11-19 18.56.11

We served the meat loaf hot with sautéed potatoes and green beans.

We thought a medium-bodied red would go well with the meal and opened a bottle of Skouras Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, a Greek red from Waitrose.2014-11-19 19.03.29

It had red fruit aromas, a slight sweetness and a predominance of red over black fruits.  The wine was soft and rounded with a tinge of acidity on the finish.  We enjoyed the wine and thought it was a very good match with the meat loaf.

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