A Southern French Red is Very Good with a Rustic Potato Casserole

IMG_0438 IMG_0439We tried Potato Casserole from Supercook.  Whilst its name might suggest otherwise, this is not a vegetarian recipe.

It contains shallots, celery, garlic, potatoes, carrots, bacon, canned tomatoes, beef stock, paprika, basil and seasoning.  A hearty meal for a cold winter evening served with crusty bread.

We paired it with the bottle of Les Combelles Colombard/Ugni Blanc 2011 set aside previously, but sadly this pleasant wine was not right with this dish.

We switched to a red and opened a bottle of Domaine de Gournier 2012 Cévennes Carignan, a medium-bodied Southern French red from the Wine Society.

The wine had good legs in the glass and we loved its brambly red fruits and sweet vanilla oakiness that had an affinity with the tomatoes in the casserole.  This very good wine was a great match with the meal and this pairing just seemed to improve as the meal progressed.

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