A Medium-Dry German White is Very Good with Barbecued Spareribs

We cooked Barbecued Spareribs from Supercook.  The pork ribs were baked in a sweet and sour sauce of garlic, onions, tomato purée, lemon juice, sage, brown sugar, beef stock and mustard.  We served them with a jacket potato and salad.

Kathryn McWhirter and Charles Metcalfe, the authors of our ancient but trusty Sainsbury’s Pocket Food and Wine Guide recommend Liebfraumilch as the star pairing, which may possibly horrify some wine snobs who would not go near the stuff.  However, our prime objective is to achieve and share good wine and food matches and we like many German wines anyway.

We opened a bottle of Liebfraumilch Qualitätswein Rheinhessen 2012 St Amandus Riesling, Kerner-Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau from AldiIMG_0431.  This medium-dry white had creamy flavours of pears and pineapple and was a very good match with the spareribs.

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