An Excellent Chilean Chardonnay is Brilliant with Champagne Chicken

IMG_0553We have cooked Supercook’s Champagne Chicken before and it is delicious.  Supercook say it is a dish for that extra special occasion and is chicken pieces casseroled with onions, brandy, chicken stock, Champagne, thyme, mace, bay leaf, mushrooms and double cream.  They describe it as rich, yet subtle, light yet filling.  If preferred, a dry white wine can be used instead of champagne and that’s what we used.

They suggest serving it with rice and salade de tomates, but on this occasion we enjoyed it with croquette potatoes and asparagus.

This dish deserves a decent wine pairing and we chose a bottle of the Society’s Exhibition Limari Chardonnay 2010, a Chilean white from the Wine Society.

The wine was fresh, with a smooth creaminess and a slightly tangy finish.  We tasted tropical fruits and possibly gooseberries.  This was an excellent wine and a brilliant match with the food.


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