An Australian Red Edges an Argentinian Red with Tournedos Chasseur

IMG_0390.JPG (2)We had family round for a meal and cooked Supercook’s Tournedos Chasseur, which is a classic French dish of fillet steaks with ham, mushroom and white wine sauce.  We served the steaks with carrots and little roast potatoes.

We tried two wines with the dish. Our guests brought with them a bottle of Banrock Station Premium Merlot, 2012, a medium-bodied Australian red from Tesco. We found this smooth with peppery spiciness and black fruits and we all agreed this was a very good match with the steak.

We opened a bottle of Schroeder Malbec 2009, an Argentinian red from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  This was full and smooth with red fruits, vanilla and chocolate orange notes and someone detected aniseed.  Not as good a match, but one guest did prefer this wine with the steak.

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