A Bordeaux Blanc is Good with Cullen Skink

We tried Cullen Skink from Supercook. This is an old Scottish recipe, which is a mixture of a soup and a stew. The basis of this dish is smoked haddock that orginated in the fishing port of Findon or Finan on the northeast coast of Scotland.

The smoked haddock is served in a liquid containing onions, seasoning, potatoes and milk.  A warming meal for a winter’s day and lovely with some crusty bread.

To drink with the meal we opened a bottle of Château La Perrière, Bordeaux 2011 from the Wine Society.  We last drank this Sauvignon/Semillon blend with a chicken pie.

We thought the wine was fresh, clean, crisp with lemony acidity and a nice tangy citrus finish.  IMG_0562A good match with the Cullen Skink.

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