A Lovely Argentinian Malbec is Very Good with a Beef Stroganoff

IMG_0545We decided to try the Masterchef Stroganoff from Food.com.  The strips of beef fillet are tossed in sweet paprika, flour and salt and pan-fried.  The steak strips are then combined with a sauce containing caramelised mushrooms, shallots, tomato paste, brandy, beef stock, Worcestershire sauce, and crème fraîche. We served the meal with noodles.

I enjoyed this slightly different take on Beef Stroganoff, but Teresa thought the flavours were dominated by the sweet paprika.

We paired the Stroganoff with a bottle of Temporada Malbec 2012, an Argentinian red from the Wine Society.  This had peppery spiciness, and was dark, full and rich with black fruits, vanilla sweetness and smooth tannins.  We both thought this was a lovely wine and a very good match with the meal.

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