Two Memorable Georgia Beer Experiences

We visited the Red Brick Brewery in Atlanta and did one of their Wednesday evening tours. As part of the tour we were able to taste some of the brewery’s beers.  If you want to find out what beers they brew go here.

I love dark bitters, stouts and porters and the stand out beer for me was Brick Mason Series #7, an Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels, which was on limited release.  To quote the brewer’s description “Rich chocolate and roasted flavours are balanced by sweet caramel malts. Bourbon barrels provide big bourbon notes supported by flavours of oak and vanilla.”  Definitely my kind of beer. Warning, treat this beer with respect. It has an ABV of 10%.

The other stand out Georgia beer experience was during our visit to Savannah when we did lunch at The DistilleryP1000843P1000847, which is a gastropub with an extensive selection of craft beers.  It’s a wonderful place to sample interesting beers, including outstanding IPAs, porters and stouts. The food is also very tasty. The Hog Hammers – jumbo pork shanks falling off the bone in a barbecue sauce were delicious.

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