Excellent Beers from Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewery

2951882250_df41363705_zWe visited friends in Georgia, USA and had some memorable food and drink experiences.  This is the first of a series of posts covering some of the highlights.

First up I want to talk about beer. We last visited the USA in 1996 when we holidayed in Florida.  My memories of American beer were mainly of cans of Budweiser and Miller Lite, neither of which I would consider as setting my taste buds alight. So when our friends collected us from Atlanta Airport and suggested we call in to a supermarket to pick up some provisions, I wasn’t really prepared for what was on offer on the beer front.  Actually, that’s my fault really because I was aware that there had been something of a revolution in craft brewing in the States in the intervening years since my last visit.

Anyhow, I like to support local breweries and noticed some bottles on sale from  Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewery.  The 6 pack included their IPA, 420 (an extra pale ale) and Motor Boat, which is their version of an ESB.

When I tried the IPA (6.3% ABV), the first thing I experienced was its intense hop character and the full-on citrussy flavours.  Lovely and refreshing on a hot and humid Georgian summer day.

The 420 at 5.4% ABV is also hoppy, has a crisp finish and also very enjoyable.  Motor Boat at 5.6% ABV is a seasonal beer and is dry-hopped and tasty too.

These beers were a very pleasant introduction to our trip and I would highly recommend them all.

With thanks to Ted Thompson.

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