A Chilean Merlot Better Than a Spanish Tempranillo with Chicken with Chorizo

We cooked Chicken with Chorizo from the Slow Cook Book.  The chicken and chorizo are slow cooked with red onion, coriander, thyme leaves, red and yellow peppers, courgette, garlic, tomatoes and sherry in a stock. The smoked paprika in the chorizo gives the sauce a rich deep flavour.  We served the stew with mashed potato.

To accompany this Spanish dish we chose a Spanish red and opened a bottle of Familia Munoz Family Reserve 2008 from the Sunday Times Wine Club. This is an oak-aged Tempranillo from La Mancha.  We liked this wine, but decided that although it wasn’t a clash with the food, the combination did the wine no favours, so we set it aside.IMG_0221.JPG (2)

We looked for something with a little more sweetness to match the chorizo and decided on a bottle of Doña Paulina Merlot 2012, a Chilean red from the Wine Society.  This medium-bodied wine had red fruits and enough sweetness to create an affinity with the dominating chorizo flavours in the stew.IMG_0220.JPG (2)

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