A Puglian Red Goes Well with a Roman Beef Stew

We cooked a classic Italian dish, Stufatino alla Romana from Supercook. This Roman Beef Stew cooked in red wine is rich and succulent.  We served it with Dauphinoise potatoes, carrots and green beans.

We drank a bottle of Castello Montedoro 2008, a rich and powerful red from Puglia in Italy. This Sunday Times Wine Club wine is a blend of Nero di Troia and Aglianico and it is matured in oak.

We tasted red fruits, cherries, plums and smooth, spicy tannins. We thought the wine was a good match with the stew.

We had the leftovers with a bottle of Saracosa, a Tuscan red also from Sunday Times Wine Club. This was also a good match. See 2 Nov 2012 for more details about this wine.


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