A Spanish Red Surprisingly Better Than a Tuscan with Jamie’s Pollo alla Cacciatora

We cooked a recipe we have done a few times before – Pollo alla Cacciatore (Hunter’s Chicken), but this time we tried the recipe from Jamie’s Italian.  Jamie’s version is full of bold flavours. The chicken is marinated in red wine with bay leaves, rosemary and garlic and cooked with more fried garlic, anchovies, olives, tomatoes and the reserved marinade.  Lovely.

We thought a bottle of the excellent Saracosa 2009, a full bodied Italian red from the Sunday Times Wine Club, would go well, because it had paired so beautifully with a Peppery Tuscan Stew (see 2 Nov 2012). We tasted berries, black cherries, vanilla oak and a pepperiness at the finish and we considered this Sangiovese an adequate match.

Next evening we had more of the stew and it was even more intensely flavoured. We thought we could improve on the wine pairing and opened a bottle of Villa Anita Old Vines Tempranillo Monastrell 2010.  This is a powerful Spanish red also from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  I have read mixed reviews on it, but we found it rich and smooth and loved its red fruits and vanilla.  An excellent match.IMG_0173.JPG (2)

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