A Spanish Red Rather Than an Italian Pinot Grigio with Masala Lamb Chops

We cooked Masala Lamb Chops from Madhur Jaffrey on the barbecue.  We used boneless.  The meat is marinated in Indian spices for hours and the chops are grilled on each side after spreading with cream.  We served the lamb with Bombay Aloo.

The cream suggested a white wine pairing to us, so we went for a bottle of The Society’s Pinot Grigio from The Wine Society.  We were surprised that the dish did this dry and fruity Italian white no favours and yet again emphasised to us that pairing this grape successfully with spicy food can vary dramatically.

We switched to red and opened a bottle of Finca Las Rejas NV, a medium-bodied Spanish Tempranillo from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  This Crianza-style Rioja delivered red fruits and a spicy, smooth vanilla creaminess and was much better with the chops.  However, we didn’t think this was one of Madhur’s finest recipes.

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