A Chilean Cabernet Good with Turkish Köfte

We enjoyed an excellent family holiday in Kalkan, Turkey a few weeks ago and I will be writing about some of our culinary experiences soon.

While we were there, on a couple of occasions, we enjoyed Lamb Köfte cooked on the barbecue.  So much so that we brought back some packets of Köfte Harci (meatball mix).  The instructions on the packet were in Turkish and German.  My knowledge of German is considerably better than Turkish and I worked out that the suggestion was to mix minced lamb and beef together with the spice mix and water. If desired we could add an egg and some parsley. We cooked these on the barbie and served them with fried Aubergines (from our Turkish cookbook) and rice.  It was difficult to pinpoint exactly all the herbs and spices that were in the mix, but we could definitely detect cumin.

We opened a bottle of red from the Wine Society – The Society’s Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.  This is full-bodied and we tasted black fruits, particularly blackcurrants. This fruitiness was balanced with smooth tannins from oak to give a richness. We thought it complemented the Köfte very well.

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