A Sauvignon Rather Than a Chardonnay with a Simple Chicken Fricassee

We tried Chicken Fricassee from the Slow Cook Book.  This is a simple version with home made chicken stock, white wine, mushrooms and rosemary.  Previous versions have contained cream and we have enjoyed these with a Chardonnay (see 9 April 2011).

We opened a bottle of The Society’s White Burgundy 2010 from The Wine Society.  This was delightful on its own with lemony and slight buttery flavours, but this particular Fricassee did nothing for it.  We set the wine aside for drinking later.

We found a bottle of Pech de Calade Sauvignon Blanc 2010 that we had received as a gift.   This Southern French white is a Laithwaites wine.  Very crisp and quite a contrast to the Burgundy and at first we were not sure whether this would work, but the lemon citrus, kiwi fruit tones and rounded finish complemented the meal well.

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