A Sinclair Aussie Red Shines Again with a French Beef Stew

We have tried a number of wines with one of Teresa’s favourite recipes – Bifteck Marchand de Vin and usually they are very successful with this wine-friendly dish.  (See 16th and 17th Sept 2011 and 2nd Feb 2011).

This is a beef stew cooked in red wine with mushrooms, thyme, tomatoes and shallots and today we cooked it in the slowcooker for the first time with very good results. The flavours were intensified and we looked to a powerful red to match

We opened a bottle of Sinclair Estate Horseshoe Bend Cabernet, Merlot, Petit Verdot 2009, a full-bodied Australian red from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  We had found the 2008 vintage of this particular wine to be exceptionally good with a rich Italian beef stew (see 12 Nov 2010).

This time we found the wine to be warm, spicy, peppery, with blackcurrant and plum fruit and rich and smooth in the mouth.  A very good bottle of wine that suited this flavoursome meal perfectly.


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