Neither a Spanish Red nor an Australian White Work with Levi’s Curry Goat

We bought some cubed goat meat a few weeks ago (see 15th April 2012) and decided to use it in the Curry Goat recipe from Levi Roots’ Caribbean Food Made Easy.

Some interesting flavour combinations in this Jamaican classic that includes all-purpose seasoning (salt, paprika, coriander, chilli, onion, pepper, garlic, nutmeg and pimento), ginger, chillies, allspice berries and coriander leaves.  We thought it might be challenging to find a wine to go with this meal and we were not wrong.

Our first choice was a bottle of Gran Bombero 2007, a big Spanish red from the Sunday Times Wine Club. We last drank this Garnacha with steak (see 21st March 2012).

This is a perfumed, spicy wine but the food did it no favours, so we quickly set it aside and turned to a white wine.

We opened a bottle of The Buttercup Unoaked Organic Chardonnay 2009 also from the Sunday Times Wine Club. This was not a clash with the Curry Goat, but we felt the food overpowered the subtly-flavoured Australian white, so we decided to put it back in the fridge and finish the meal without a wine.

If we do this recipe again, from what we’ve read online, we may be better off with a Gewurztraminer or possibly a Shiraz.  What do you think?

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