Another Eclectic Beer Festival at the Portcullis in Clifton

We paid a brief, but very enjoyable visit, to Dawkins Eurovision Beer Contest at The Portcullis in Clifton, Bristol last Friday.

Anyone who knows the pub will know it can be idyllic to enjoy a pint outside on a warm sunny evening with views of distant Kelston Round Hill as one looks across the Georgian rooftops towards Bath.  On this occasion, the experience was enhanced still further by an interesting selection of over 25 ales and ciders, some being served in the upstairs bar on gravity, straight from the cask.

There was a good selection of golden and blonde beers to match the superb weather, but amber, copper and dark beers were also available, which no doubt gained in popularity as evening descended.

We were passing through in the early evening for a pre-dinner drink or two and enjoyed sampling beers such as “Diamond Geezer”from South West London brewery By the Horns.  This was a 4.9% ABV malty copper beer, with good bitterness and very refreshing.

Before we left I just had to sample a dark beer and “Hot Dog Chilli Stout” from Binghams of Twyford looked intriguing. This 5.0% ABV stout, blended from dark malts is complex with a subtle spicy edge from the chilli that lets you know it’s there without overwhelming the other flavours.  I’d like to try this on a winter’s evening.

Well done again to Dawkins and the Portcullis for organising yet another beer and cider festival with such an eclectic selection.

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