Review of Two Bristol Asian Supermarkets

We’ve been trying to strengthen our store cupboard of Asian cooking ingredients with a view to doing more recipes from superb cook books such as Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey and Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Bible. To do this required us to visit a couple of Oriental/Asian supermarkets in Bristol.  Both these shops are well worth seeking out if you are in the Bristol area or you can order online. They’re great for those struggling to find stuff in mainstream supermarkets and in some cases the prices are considerably cheaper.

The first one is Wai Yee Hong, which provides a wide range of Asian and Oriental foods and utensils.  The emphasis is on the Far East and includes Chinese, Thai, Malay, Singaporean, Korean, Indonesian, Philippino and Japanese for both wholesale and retail customers. The supermarket is a decent size and is situated in the Eastgate Oriental City complex. We managed to get virtually all the ingredients on our shopping list.  Whilst they do stock some Indian foodstuffs, we needed to look elsewhere for certain items.

We headed for the Bristol Sweet Mart a stone’s throw away in St Mark’s Road, Easton.  This was established in 1978 by the late Mr Kassam Majothi, a Ugandan refugee who fled to the UK during the rule of Idi Amin.

The original shop has expanded over the years into adjoining properties  and offers retail, wholesale and a Deli with some very interesting and attractive foods on display.

This is definitely the place to go for specialist Indian foods and spices and also fresh produce and groceries rarely seen elsewhere. Sweet Mart isn’t just limited to Indian produce and there are foods available from many other Asian countries.  Sweet Mart are major suppliers to the Indian restaurant and take away trade in the Bristol area.

Again, we managed to obtain most of what we needed, although we had to make do with Kashmiri Chilli Powder because they were temporarily out of dried whole Kashmiri Chillies.

Whilst we were in St Mark’s Road, we also popped in to Pak Butchers to pick up some cubed goat meat and some Lamb Seekh Kebabs.

Read the next post to see what we did with some of the ingredients bought in Wai Yee Hong and Sweet Mart.

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