An Australian Chardonnay is Reasonable with a Superb Pork in Cream Sauce

We cooked another untried recipe – Wylding Peppered Pork Fillets from Supercook.  However, we slightly modified it by using slices of pork loin.

The pork is embedded with lots of black peppercorns, fried and then coated in a delicious mushroom, brandy and cream sauce.  The pork was from Tesco’s fresh meat counter and was one of the tastiest, juiciest pieces of loin we have had for a while.

We paired this superb meal with a bottle of Steve’s Block Chardonnay 2010 an Australian white from Sunday Times Wine Club.  We had hugely enjoyed this wine when we drank it with a creamy chicken dish previously (see 4th September 2011).

Whilst we weren’t 100% satisfied with this pairing, we still liked the wine’s lemony, creaminess, tropical fruits and crisp tangy finish.

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