A Hungarian Pinot Grigio Let Down Slightly by Bland Chicken

We were out and about during the day so bought one of Tesco’s Simply Cook Garlic and Herb Spatchcock Chickens for a quick and easy meal.

The chicken was flavoured with lemon butter and parsley and whilst it was lovely and moist, like many convenience foods, they look better in the packet than they taste.  In this case, we felt the flavourings were very bland and the overall effect was little different to eating plain roast chicken.

We opened a bottle of Campanula Pinot Grigio 2010, a Hungarian white from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  We chose this before we had tasted the chicken, anticipating more lemon flavours in the meal.

The wine was true to its description having lemon and apple flavours and crisp acidity.  A good enough wine, but the pairing with the food was only fair.

As a footnote, we used the leftover chicken the next day in a spicy salad recipe from Best Chicken Recipes and it was considerably better.

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