An Italian Sangiovese Great with Take Away Pizzas

We decided to try pizzas from Domino’s who have opened a branch locally relatively recently.  We ordered customised pizzas with various toppings like meatballs, mushrooms, smoked bacon, tandoori chicken, cumberland sausage, sundried tomato and garlic.  Some of the toppings were a bit scarce and overall the pizzas were acceptable, but didn’t make us want to rush back.

We decided to glug an Italian red with the meal and opened a bottle of Nespolino Sangiovese 2009.  We last drank this medium-bodied Italian red from the Sunday Times Wine Club on 23 June 2011 with Meatballs in Tomato Sauce.  We tasted red and black cherries and good acidity with this Chianti-like red.  A good match, but the wine deserved better food frankly.

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