An Aussie Shiraz/Cabernet Much Preferred to a Beaujolais Cru with Coq au Vin

We enjoyed an old favourite tonight – the Supercook Coq au Vin recipe.  However, Teresa did not have any smoked bacon, so she modified the recipe with some chorizo.  Whilst it was still very tasty, the chorizo tended to dominate somewhat.  Kathryn McWhirter and Charles Metcalfe in the Sainsbury’s Pocket Food and Wine Guide suggest a Beaujolais Cru or an Australian Shiraz/Cabernet go particularly well with Coq au Vin.  We decided to open a bottle of each and compare.

We last drank Terre des Lys Fleurie 2009 from Costco on 23rd November 2011 with Roast Beef.  This time we found its raspberry flavours pleasant with the Chicken, but not very exciting.

The second bottle we tried was ARH Family Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, a Sunday Times Wine Club red from Australia.  We found it smooth with black fruits, with a vanilla sweetness and spicy finish that went well with the chorizo in the stew.  A very good match.

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