A Southern French White Clashes with a Halibut Dish, But is Good with Cheddar

The last few meals and their wine pairings have been a bit hit and miss.  Tonight we cooked Fish with Prawns in Wine and Tomato Sauce from Supercook and reached new lows.

This dish called for Halibut steaks and promised much but delivered little.  It was just so bland and unpleasantly acidic. Regrettably we had opened a bottle of Domaine des Cabridelles Sauvignon Blanc 2010, a Southern French white that we had tasted and enjoyed when visiting the winery last Summer.  The wine was very crisp and dry but did not match the meal at all and we were disinclined to risk anything else with this meal, so we saved it for some cheese later.

On that note, the Sauvignon was particularly good with some mature Cheddar, which brought out its fresh, citrus, grapefruit flavours.  Pairing it with some smoked Applewood was less successful.  The pairing took the edge off the fruit, but it wasn’t a complete clash.  The Gorgonzola was to be avoided – it stripped out all the flavour and clashed horribly.

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