A Chilean Riesling Quite Good with Mexican Chicken with Fruit

We fancied something a little different and spotted a Supercook recipe called Mexican Chicken with Fruits.  This exotic chicken dish is baked in the oven in a sauce containing chicken stock, cinnamon, ginger, chilli powder and tomato puree.  It is also covered with layers of bananas, oranges and pineapple, with brown sugar sprinkled on top.  The meal was served with boiled rice.

Dry wines were definitely out.  We opened a bottle of Cono Sur Riesling Reserva 2010 from Tesco.  This is a medium dry Chilean white and we tasted citrus fruits, particularly lemon with a nice tangy acidity that went well with the spices.  The wine went reasonably well with the chicken and the overall flavour of the sauce but did not have a particular affinity with the fruits themselves, where their sweetness detracted from the pairing.

Not an easy dish to pair a wine with.

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