An Indian Lamb and Coconut Curry Proves a Tricky Pairing

La Cantera Reserva 2001We cooked an Indian meal – Turkari Molee, which is Lamb and Coconut Curry and accompanied it with Turkari Aloo (Curried Potatoes), Naan and Poppadums.  Both recipes are from Supercook.  We toyed between a red or a white wine and initially opened a bottle of Sally’s Pinot Grigio 2009 an Australian white from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  Very fruity, fresh and a great aperitif, but not good with the curry, so we switched to red.

We have previously enjoyed La Cantera Reserva 2001 with Indian Lamb Shanks (see 28th October 2011), so we opened a bottle.  Whilst this medium-bodied, Spanish, Garnacha-based blend from the Sunday Times Wine Club delivered red fruits, plums, spices and vanilla, it’s flavours seemed to be somewhat dulled by the food.  We’ll have to think again when we have the leftovers.

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