A Spanish Gran Reserva is Reasonable with Riojan-braised Lamb Shanks

We’ve been watching Lorraine Pascale’s BBC2 programme “Home Cooking Made Easy” and liked the look of the Rioja-braised Lamb Shanks with Chorizo and Garlic.  Our foodie son and his wife were visiting and we thought they’d enjoy it – and they did.  The ingredients include black peppercorns paprika and rosemary and the cooking liquid contains a lot of red wine and balsamic vinegar, so the overall effect was fruity, savoury and spicy with a marked sweetness.

We went for a bottle of Palacio del Conde Gran Resrva 2003 from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  This medium-bodied Spanish red is from Valencia and is Tempranillo- based and oak-aged for three years.  Not surprisingly we tasted oaky vanilla and the wine was smooth, spicy with red fruits and a creamy aftertaste.  We weren’t sure at first whether this was a good match, but we persevered and it progressively grew on us.

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