Spanish Syrah Great with Chilli con Carne

Tonight we had Chilli con Carne, a midweek favourite that we hadn’t had for a long time.  We have done this excellent recipe from the BBC Food website before, but Teresa tends to spice it up a bit, as is her wont.  We opened a bottle of Finca el Cuento Syrah 2008 from Sunday Times Wine Club, a Spanish red we have tried on two previous occasions.  The first time we had it with Spaghetti Bolognese (see 1st June 2011) and subsequently with a spicy North Indian dish (see 26th August 2011).  This medium-bodied wine went well with both those meals, but the spiciness in the wine was even better with the Chilli con Carne.  The food also really brought out the cherry and black fruit flavours in the wine.

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