An Argentinian Torrontes an Interesting Match with Citrussy Chicken Tagine

We cooked another Tagine in the Slowcooker from The Slow Cook Book.  We did a large quantity of Chicken and Orange Tagine, enough to freeze some for guests who will be visiting next Wedensday.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, garlic and chillies are combined with oranges and tomatoes to produce a delicious citrus and spice flavour blend. We chose a bottle of Ramirez de Velazco Torrontes 2009, an Argentinian white from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  The bottle describes it as having flavours of orange peel, melon and apples with a crisp spicy finish.  We definitely thought it had an intense fruitiness, a pleasing spiciness and the citrus and orange flavours came to the fore. A pleasant, interesting and unusual food and wine match.

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