A Beaujolais Cru is Good with a Minced Beef Pie

For a midweek meal we had Korsakov Meat and Potato Pie from Supercook.  This is of Russian origin and contains minced beef, potatoes, mushrooms and Cheddar cheese.  It is lightly flavoured and would be easily overwhelmed by a powerful wine.  We considered something light like a Beaujolais would be appropriate.  We have indicated in previous posts that these reds have generally not impressed us in the past.  However, we had only tried Beaujolais Villages rather than any of the Crus.  We had recently bought a case of Terre des Lys Fleurie 2009 from Costco so opened a bottle.  The first thing we noted was that the wine was a more intense deeper red in the glass.  It had distinct cherry aromas, which carried through to the palate.  The wine was mellow and untannic and a good match with the meal.

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