Aussie Shiraz/Cabernet Has the Edge Over Spanish Red with Greek Lamb Stew

We had the family round for a meal and we enjoyed the Greek Lamb Stew from Supercook that we had on 5th August 2011 so much that we had it again.  This tasty stew contains tomatoes, shallots, potatoes, lemon juice and feta cheese. We opened two reds – a bottle of Heredad del Baron Yecla 2005 from Sunday Times Wine Club and a bottle of Talking Heads 2010, an Australian Shiraz/Cabernet, also from Sunday Times Wine Club, brought round by our daughter and her husband.   The Spanish Yecla wine is made from Monastrell (Mourvèdre) and the last time we had this was with Roast Lamb (see 21 October 2010).  The wine has intense spicy plum and blackberry favours and was very pleasant with the stew.  However, we preferred the Talking Heads with this dish.  There was an affinity between the rich, spicy, blackcurranty, savoury flavours and the stew that made it a very good match.

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