Beaujolais or Italian Pinot Grigio with Tandoori? – Pinot Wins

We finished the rest of the Tandoori Chicken this evening (see  21 May).  We fancied a change from Sauvignon Blanc and some research revealed that Beaujolais or Pinot Grigio might work.  We opened a bottle of Georges duboeuf Beajolais Villages 2008 from Costco.  We have been disappointed with this wine and hoped it might be improved by drinking with the Tandoori Chicken.  I thought it was quite a good match, but Teresa thought otherwise (she is not a great Beaujolais fan), so we opened a bottle of Il Papavero Pinot Grigio a Sunday Times Wine Club white from Italy.  It worked very well.  It was crisp, fruity and blended well with the Tandoori spices.

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