Lovely Chilean Chardonnay with a Chicken Fricassée

We had visitors and started the meal with Melon and Proscuitto and followed with Fricassée de Poulet, which is Chicken cooked  in a creamy sauce.  A German Riesling was recommended with the starter, but we did not have one,  so we tried Inycon Chardonnay/Viognier 2009 from Tesco.  They describe the wine as having subtle flavours of fresh melon and lemon zest mingled with peach and honeysuckle.  It was acceptable with the starter and the remainder also went well with the chicken.  We also opened a bottle of San Antonio Valley Chilean Chardonnay 2010, again from Tesco. This is an Alfredo Hurtado wine from Cono Sur.  It is cool climate and is reminiscent of a Burgundy. Ripe fruit and hints of oak.  A lovely wine, one of Tesco’s finest, and great with the Fricassée.

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