Rosé or Riesling With Chinese Chicken?

We tried a Chinese recipe from Supercook, Kuo Tieh Chi (Egg-braised Sliced Chicken).  The dish had a touch of sweeetness, so I thought we would be safe with a German Pfalz Riesling Halbtrocken 2009 from Lidl.  However, this was a surprisingly uninspiring match.  I think because the sweet flavours in the dish were overshadowed by the drier, sour elements.  We set the Riesling aside and opted for an Isla Negra Merlot Rosé Riserva 2009 from Tesco.  This Chilean wine was by no means a brilliant match, but substantially better than the Riesling.  It was a crisp wine with a hint of sweetness and plenty of berry fruits coming through.  Pleasant enough, but the experience yet again illustrated the challenges for us of achieving good pairings with Chinese food. We find Thai and Indian less problematic.

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