Big Reds Not the Best Match with This Lighter Beef Stew

We had more of the home-made beef stew from the previous evening and decided to open a bottle of Ogio French Merlot/Shiraz 2009 from Tesco.  We took a couple of mouthfuls and both decided it didn’t go with the stew.  There was an Isla Negra Merlot Reserva 2010 also from Tesco to hand, so we tried this instead.  This was a definite improvement, but not a stunning match.  Whilst an Australian big red made a good match with this stew the previous evening, generally we are finding lighter beef stews far more difficult to match with the heavier reds than richer red wine-based dishes.  We think lighter European reds are usually a better bet with the less weighty stews and casseroles.

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