Beef Stroganoff: A Wine Pairing Challenge

We had some of our family to stay with us over the weekend and we had Beef Stroganoff from Supercook, with a slight modification recommended by our ex-chef brother-in-law to flambé the steak in brandy at the end.  Strogonoff is considered by many as a challenge to partner with wine because of the contrasting flavours coming from the steak, mushrooms and sour cream sauce.  Some recommend Pinot Noir to go with the earthiness of the mushrooms, others Chardonnay to complement the sour cream sauce and still others Côtes du Rhône or Spanish Garnachas.  We started with a Marchesini Pinot Noir 2009 that someone had brought round on a previous visit.  This red is from from Veneto in Italy and was not a bad match.  It was certainly better than trying to drink the wine on its own!  My daughter had brought round a bottle of Rodolfo Sadler Argentinian Malbec 2009 from Sunday Times Wine Club.  Again, this was an OK match, but not brilliant.  She had also brought a Duca Petraccone Italian Primitivo Salento also from Sunday Times Wine Club.  This Puglian red was not a good match either and I have drunk this wine previously and enjoyed it.

I also didn’t think the Stroganoff was particularly good.  We have done the recipe many times before but without the flambéd brandy and enjoyed it better.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

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